Friday, December 7, 2018

Week of Dec 10th

It's Show Time!-We are very excited to help put everyone into the Christmas Spirit at our "Christmas in Many Languages" Show on Dec.14th at 9:30am!

Letter of the Week: Ll and it's phonetic sound
Number of the Week: We will continue with number nine and the number line. We won't  begin with number 10 until the new year.
God's Time: We will begin the second week of Advent and discuss being the Light for others
Shape and Color of the Month: Star and Blue
Unit Theme: Christmas Around the World and the many traditions of the Christmas season

NO AFTERCARE: There is no aftercare on Wed. Dec. 19th

Noon Dismissal and No Aftercare: On Dec. 21st there is Noon Dismissal for ALL and NO AFTERCARE

December Show N Tell: Is Monday Dec 17th. Please follow one of our studies for the month of Dec.: Christmas, Star, Blue, Letters Kk and Ll and numbers 8 & 9.

Our Advent Angels have been very busy and sneaky placing small thoughful gifts, prayers and notes in our stockings. If your child would like to make a picture or right a small message/prayer to their buddy we will place it in their stocking!

We went to our first Friday Mass at school. We all did an excellent job!

Pre-K Parent/Teacher Conferences will be the week of Jan. 22nd. I'm still figuring out details so please just keep this time frame in mind.

Important Dates: 
12/14 Pre-K Christmas Show at 9:30 in the Big School Auditorium
12/18 Santa Shop
12/22-1/1- NO School Christmas Break.
1/2 School Reopens
1/22-1/25 Pre-K Conferences somewhere in this week

Tuesday, December 4, 2018

Week of Dec. 3rd

It's Advent! Time to prepare the way for Jesus!

Letter of the Week: Kk and it's phonetic sound

Number of the Week: 9 and practicing our number line

God's Time: Mary and Joseph prepare for baby Jesus

Shape/Color of the Month: Star/Blue

Unit Theme: In December we take a little break from our Unit plans. We focus more on Christmas Around the World and how people celebrate in different ways. If you have any traditions in your family that stem from your heritage please feel free to share. You can send in pictures, traditional clothing,games, ?

IMPORTANT NOTICE: There is NO AFTERCARE on Wednesday Dec 19th or Friday December 21st. There is a Noon Dismissal for all on Dec21st.

Pre-K Christmas Show is Friday Dec 14th at 9:30 am. We will be in the Big School Auditorium. Please invite family and friends to help us all get into the Christmas Spirit!

Important Dates:
12/7 First Friday Mass at 11:00 am
12/7 Parents Night Out -8th Grade Fundraiser
12/14 Pre-K Concert at 9:30am
12/18 Santa Shop
12/19 Class Christmas Party

Wednesday, November 21, 2018

Week of Nov. 26th

I hope everyone enjoyed their Thanksgiving! Now on to the next!

Letter of the Week: Jj and it's phonetic sound
Number of the Week: 8  and working on our doubles 8 is 4 and 4
Shape/Color of the Month: Brown/Square
God's Time: We will be introducing Advent this week
Monthly Unit: We will be wrapping up God's Creation and Living vs Non living things with a personal favorite of mine-The Worm

Please make sure you are reading the blog weekly. This time of year can be very busy for everyone and I will try my best to keep you informed at school.

The Room Moms are collecting small party favor items for a "Class Christmas Goody Bag". If you would like to donate an item please send it in with your child. Be sure their are at least 16 items and NO FOOD or CANDY.

Our Christmas Show is fast approaching. PLease invite family and friends!
  Show Time is 9:30 on Friday Dec. 14th. We sing and perform right away and than we will have a small reception. We will be finishing about 10:20.

Important Dates:

11/28 Show N Tell
11/28 Final day to order Scholastic Books for Christmas
12/1 STS Santa Breakfast- Please see STS webpage to register
12/7 First Friday Mass
12/14 Pre-K Christmas Show

Wednesday, November 14, 2018

Snow Delays, Dismissal and Closings

Pre-K will follow any instruction given by Mr. Dunnigan and St. Therese School reguarding Snow Delays, Dismissals and Closings.

If there is a delay, we will begin our Pre-K day at 10:00am so we can at least have 2 hours to our morning.

If there is an early dismissal -there will be no aftercare.

Week of November 19th

OH MY GOODNESS! It's Thanksgiving already!

We had some buddy time this week! Mrs. Joyce and the fourth grade buddies came and we made Turkey Headbands together! It was so much fun meeting and hanging with our "Bigs"!

Since this is a short week we will only be reviewing our Letters, Aa-Ii and our numbers 1-7. We will be discussing Thanksgiving in God's Time and we will have some more buddy time on Wed. 11/22.

Please remember that Pre-K will have a normal schedule for Monday 11/20 and Tues 11/21. We will have a NOON Dismissal for everyone on Wed. 11/22. NO AFTERCARE on 11/22.

Wed. Nov. 28th is Nov. Show N Tell. Please follow at least one theme from our month. Letters Hh, Ii, and Jj. Numbers 6,7,8. Shape-Square, Color - Brown, God's Time- Thanksgiving and our theme is Living vs Non living things.

Wed. Nov. 28th is the last day to order Scholastic Books for Christmas.

Santa Shop is coming to our school on Tues. Dec. 18th.  This is a chance for the children to shop for members of their families. If you wish for your child to participate fill out the form and send it in by Nov. 29th. If your child comes to Pre-K on Tuesdays they will shop with Mrs. McDonald. If your child does not attend school on Tuesday you may accompany them to shop between the hours of 9a.m. and 11 am.

We are in need of at least one stuffed sheep for our Christmas Show. If anyone has a stuffed sheep we could borrow please send it in (if you can label it) and we will return it right after our show.

Mrs. McDonald and I hope you all have a very blessed and bountiful Thanksgiving with good food and better company! We are both so very Thankful for all of our students and their wonderful families!

Important Dates:
11/19 -11/20-Regular School Schedule for PreK
11/21 - Noon dismissal for all -No Aftercare
11/22-11/25 Thanksgiving Break
11/28 Show N Tell-Last day to order Christmas Scholastic
12/1 STS Santa Breakfast
12/7 11:00 Mass-First Mass with our Buddies
12/14 Pre-K Christmas Show-  at 9:30-10:30 in Big School Auditorium
12/21 Noon Dismissal-No Aftercare
12/22-1/1 No School Christmas Break
1/2/2019 School Reopens

Thursday, November 8, 2018

Week of November 12th

We had a special Show N Tell for letter Hh from one of our STS families. Mr. Popowicz works for DEA and he and his co-pilot flew and landed their helicopter right here at our school. We were invited, along with the other students of STS to visit the helicopter up close and ask questions to the two pilots! Thank you to our special visitors and may God always keep them safe!

Letter of the Week: Ii and its phonetic sounds
Number of the Week: #7 - A helicopter landing at our school trumped our lesson on #7
God's Time: SEEDS Gospel-Every Gift is Important
Shape/Color of the Month: Square/Brown
Unit Theme: Living vs Non living-Plants

Thanksgiving Food Drive: Pre-K donates Baby Food/Cereal by 11/15

Scholastic Book Order: If ordering for Christmas Gifts I must have your order by 11/28

Nov. Show N Tell: Wed 11/28

Important Dates:
11/15 STS HSA Meeting at 7:00pm
11/19-11/20 Conferences for Big School-PreK has normal full day schedule
11/22-11/25 Thanksgiving Break
12/1 STS Santa Breakfast
12/14 Pre-K Christmas Show at 9:30 am

Friday, November 2, 2018

Week of November 2nd

Welcome to November! As your household gets busy for the Holidays to come we will be busy in Pre-K too! We have started preparing our Christmas Show for our families and friends. Please save the date for Friday, December 14th. It will be an A.M. show - I will give you an update as soon as I have clearance.

Letter of the Week: Hh and it's phonetic sound
Number of the Week: #7- We have really been busy practicing our number line.
God's Time: Being Thankful and our SEEDS Gospel lesson is Jesus tells us about God
Shape and Color of the Month: Square and Brown
Unit Theme: Creation- Living vs Non Living Things

Please dress the children warmly. Help them with mittens in hats and hats in sleeves to keep it all together. We will be going outside if it is dry out.

We will be having a fun day with our Fourth Grade Buddies! We are planning a Secret Advent Angel Program with our buddies. More info to follow! Our Fourth Grade Buddies will be our helpers when we join the Big School for our First School Mass on Friday Dec. 7th.

There are NO CONFERENCES for PreK in November. All conference info is for Big School. We will have conferences in January. So this means that Monday, Nov. 19th and Tues Nov. 20th are full days for Pre-K. Wednesday Nov 21st is a NOON DISMISSAL-NO AFTERCARE for everyone (Pre-K too).

Important Dates:
11/2 STS Tricky Tray
11/9 No School_ NJEA
11/21 Noon Dismissal- No Aftercare
11/22-11/25 Thanksgiving Break
11/28 Nov. Show N Tell
12/2 Santa Breakfast
12/7 First Friday School Mass
12/14 Pre-K Christmas Show

Week of Dec 10th

It's Show Time!-We are very excited to help put everyone into the Christmas Spirit at our "Christmas in Many Languages" Show o...