Friday, October 12, 2018

Week of October 15th

We are finally feeling the Fall Weather! Please be sure the children are dressed to play outside. If it is dry we will be going out to play!

Letter of the Week: Ff and its phonetic sound
Number of the Week: 5. We will be counting up to Five and down from Five with our "Five Little 
God's Time: Gospel Theme: Jesus teaches us to be Happy! Song of the Week-If You're Happy and your know it!"

Shape / Color of the Month: Triangle/Orange

Unit Theme: Creation-Five Senses-Our sense of smell and our sense of hearing

Playground Mulching: We will be mulching our playground on Saturday Oct. 13th beginning at 8:30am. Anyone with a little time please come and lend a hand. The  more hands, the less time it takes!

Clothing Drive: The 8th grade is collecting old clothes, blankets, shoes etc... on Saturday Oct 13th. and Sunday Oct 14th.

Pre-K Fall Fun Day is on Wednesday Oct 24th.

Pre-K Halloween Parade is on Wed. Oct 31st at 11:15am. Our parade time is different than the Big School parade.

Important Dates:
10/13 Playground Mulching
          STS Scrapbook and Craft Day
10/13-10/14 8th Grade Clothing Drive
10/20 8th Grade Meatball Madness
10/24 Pre-K Fall Fun Day
10/26 STS Family Night-Trunk or Treat
10/29 Oct. Show N Tell
10/31 PreK Halloween Party and Parade-Parade Time is 11:15.
11/2  STS Tricky Tray-Truly one of the best tricky trays around!!!
11/9 No School-NJEA Conferences

Friday, October 5, 2018

Week of October 8th

I hope everyone enjoyed the four day weekend! Now it's back to work!! (and fun)!

Letter of the Week: Ee and it's phonetic sound
Number of the Week: We will review 1-4 and positional terms
God's Time: God Made Me Special, Gospel Lesson-Jesus is Our Friend
Shape/Color of the Month: Triangle and Orange
Unit Theme: Creation-How do we use our FIVE SENSES to understand God's Creation

Coming up this Week:
The Saint Therese Walk-A-Thon is Thursday, Oct 11th! Wear your walking shoes!!

Things to Know: 
Our Fall FUN Day was changed to Wed. Oct. 24th. We need extra help if anyone would like to join us!

St Therese Day of Service is 10/13 in the A.M. If you have some time come and help us mulch the playground for the kiddos! The more hands we have the less time it will take!

Halloween: 10/31 Our Halloween Parade will begin at 11:15 in front of the Big School. (Inside if raining)

Important Dates:
10/11 STS Walk A Thon
10/13 Scrap and Craft Day
          8th Grade Clothing Drive
           St Therese Day of Service-Help us mulch the playground!!!
10/20 8th Grade Meatball Madness
10/24 PreK Fall Fun Day
10/26 STS Trunk or Treat-Please see the school Friday Folder Tab on website for more info.
10/29 October Show N Tell
10/31 Halloween Party and Parade. Parade Time is 11:15am
11/2 STS Tricky Tray
11/9 School Closed-NJEA Teacher Conference


Thursday, September 27, 2018

Week of October 1st

HAPPY OCTOBER! Such a beautiful time of the year!

October is cooler weather. We WILL go outside if its dry so please dress the children in sweaters or jackets or send them in their bags.

Letter of the Week: Dd and it's phonetic sound

Number of the Week: 4 (This is my favorite number)

God's Time: In SEEDS our theme is "Jesus Gathers Us Together". We will also be taking a look at some rosary beads.

Shape and Color of the Month: Orange and Triangle

Unit Theme: This week we will introduce the Five Senses

Things to Know:

Monday Oct 1:We will have a visit from the Roxbury Fire Dept.

NO SCHOOL- Oct. 5th and 8th

STS Walk A Thon- Is Thursday Oct 11th.

Clothing Drive: 10/12-10/14. Please support STS 8th grade and clean out your closets for the clothing drive.

PreK Fall FUN Day is Friday October 19th. Please send in the form with $14.00 per child.

Resters: We are sending home rest mats to be washed the weekend of Oct. 5th.
We are requesting each rester bring a small stuffed animal from home. They would love to borrow what we have in the class but in order to keep illnesses from spreading its better they have their own.

Imp. Dates:

10/5-10/8 No School
10/11 STS Walk A Thon
10/13 STS Scrap and Craft Day
10/13-10/14 Clothing Drive
10/20 Meatball Madness-Benefit 8th Grade
10/26 STS Trunk or Treat
10/31 Halloween Parade

Recap September!

As we say goodbye to September we remember all that we have already done in our short time here at St. Therese!

We've met new friends!

   We've used our imagination!

We used school tools like; tracers, pencils, scissors, paints and more!

We measured up to Mr. Bones!

                                                   We enjoyed a Fall Picnic!

We had fun on the playground!

Tuesday, September 25, 2018

From St. Therese School HSA

Here is a message from the Home and School Association:
a. Stewardship forms are due back 9/28
b. Tailgate and Chili BBQ forms are due 9/27
c. Please return any unsold Calendar Raffle tickets

Monday, September 24, 2018

Week of September 24th

LAST WEEK of SEPTEMBER! Wow time flies when your having FUN!!!

Letter of the Week: Cc and its phonetic sound.

Number of the Week: 2 and 3. Our picture day took us a little longer than we thought so we are going to finish up our number 2 this week.

Shape and Color of the Month: Circle and Yellow

Unit Theme: Creation: Changing of the Seasons-Summer to Fall

God's Time: Jesus Welcomes the Little Children

Show N Tell: Wed. 26th  For September our Show N Tell follows these themes:
Letters Aa, Bb, and Cc. Numbers 1,2,3 Shape Circle and Color Yellow, theme Creation

Outside Play: We will be going outside if the weather is dry. Please remember to have the children dressed appropriately for the weather. If you would like to leave a small sweater in their backpacks for those crazy weather days that would be great!

STS Family Days: Please join us at all the STS Family functions. This month their is a Tailgate BBQ on Fri. 9/29. These events are always so much fun! Go to the St Therese Website and look at the Friday Folder for more info!

9/26 Show N Tell
9/29 STS Family Day- Tailgate BBQ
10/5-10/8 No School -Teacher In-service/Columbus Day

Thursday, September 13, 2018

Week of September 17th

Practice your smiles this week-PICTURE DAY is Friday Sept 21st!😊

Our first week of school was AMAZING! Everyone did a great job learning our class routines! We are on our way to a GREAT year in Pre-K!

Letter of the Week: Bb and its phonetic sound

Number of the Week: 2 and the math word "pairs"

God's Time: God Created the Animals and Noah's Ark

Unit Theme: Creation-God made us! You are special!

PreK Picnic Day is Wednesday Sept. 19th. Please send in with your child:
1. Snack and Drink (separate from lunch)
2. Towel to sit on
3. Small stuffed animal friend to play with
ALL TOGETHER in a shopping bag. LABEL, LABEL, LABEL!!!

9/14 STS Ice Cream Social
9/19   PreK Picnic Day
9/21 Picture Day
9/29 STS Family Tailgate and BBQ (Please check school website for information. Pull down "Quick Links" and click "Friday Folder")
10/5 & 10/8 No School-Staff In service and Columbus Day

Week of October 15th

We are finally feeling the Fall Weather! Please be sure the children are dressed to play outside. If it is dry we will be going out to play!...